wm_weds.jpgThe title is a teaser, but the upcoming webMethods Wednesday’s webinar of the same name, scheduled for October 19th @11:00pm ET, intends to help prove it.  Considered the gold standard for B2B integration, webMethods actually coined the term “B2B Gateway” and has a long and accomplished history of connecting organizations with their suppliers, customers, distributors, logistics providers and other business partners, enabling the electronic exchange of information reliably and securely.

The webinar will focus on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) through webMethods Trading Networks, the key product in Software AG’s B2B solution. webMethods Trading Networks automates and optimizes the B2B exchanges that an organization needs for its multi-enterprise business processes. It enables organizations to transact business in a secure, scalable and flexible way.

In addition to providing extensive support for industry standards and data formats including XML, EDI and flat file document formats, Trading Networks improves visibility into partner transactions, enabling companies to better monitor and manage their businesses and business relationships.

webMethods Wednesday’s live-demo presentation will highlight mappings between the EDI and SAP IDoc formats for a typical order to cash process.  The presentation will include mappings involving EDI 850, EDI 810 and SAP IDOC formats - and also address how to quickly configure partner-specific maps, generic maps and maximizing map reuse.

Additionally, we’ll be joined by Michelle Oskowski, founder of Jigsaw Solutions. Based on her 20-year-plus experience in all aspects of EDI implementations, Michelle will share her thoughts on best B2B practices, key-EDI trends – and her own, in-the-field experience with webMethods B2B Integration.

To register for this upcoming event, please click here. For additional information on webMethods B2B solutions, we invite you to visit the Software AG site.

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