Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Looking at Blockchain as Architecture

Seeing beyond the hype in blockchain, given the level of disruption and its game-changing potential, is not easy.

Discover your Processes in Minutes

Did you know that process mining is no longer a topic for analytics teams only?

Worried About the Ethics of AI?

Because artificial intelligence is a hot topic these days it gets all the press, with fears of it causing job losses or...

IoT with GPS Tracking: Powerful

What do you get when you put the Internet of Things together with GPS? (No, this is not a riddle!)

Rehosting with Adabas & Natural

More and more organizations are considering “lifting and shifting” – or rehosting - their mainframe applications and data...

Expose Adabas & Natural Applications as APIs

It takes a single click. By exposing Adabas & Natural applications as standard APIs, you will gain control of your data in...

Customer Focus is at the Heart of Transformation       

The “expectation economy” has put customers’ desires at the center of retailers’ digital transformation, but winning the...

CSPs put on their IoT Thinking Caps

It is not news that traditional telecommunications business models have been disrupted by wireless technologies like...

How IoT is Changing the World

By now you have heard all the hype about the Internet of Things: billions of connected devices, self-driving cars,...

Climb Every Mountain to the Cloud

Managing a change project for cloud migration can be like climbing a mountain alone. Moving different data, architectures,...

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