Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Building the next Generation of Experts

Ensuring that your critical Adabas & Natural applications are future-proof requires keeping skills fresh in the newer...

Sunny Days Ahead for Fleets

Using solar power and the Internet of Things, fleets can reduce fuel transportation costs – and help save the environment.

Incubating Our Hidden Heroes

 Making something complicated seem easy is an art – and a science.

Operational Excellence is in your Future

Everyone wants to attain operational excellence, but few can say what that really means.

Partner Must-haves for SaaS-based B2B
Fast on-boarding, scalability, hybrid connectivity – these are the prerequisites for B2B integration and require a...
On International Women’s Day, be more like Zorro 

On International Women’s Day 2020, we know that an equal world is an enabled world, and that sometimes we have to fight for...

What Happens in your Store at Night?

Have you ever wondered what happens at your grocery store at night?

Utilities Must Save on Operational Expenses

Whether it’s turning on the lights when you flip a switch, or getting water when you turn a tap, utilities provide the...

Key Findings: webMethods Customer Survey

The webMethods Annual Customer Survey is a valuable part of our commitment to supporting our customers.

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