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Melanie Wold
By Melanie Wold - October 17, 2019

selfie by Tom Bianchi, with Nadeem MalikSoftware AG’s UK Innovation Tour took place at the Park Plaza Victoria in London on 16 October.

The day, filled with keynote presentations and hands-on workshops, was kicked off by Tom Bianchi, Senior Marketing Director for EMEA North at Software AG.

First up was Danielle Hernandez, Principal Research Analyst, European Digital Transformation Practice at IDC, who said that innovation is imprinted in all of us, but not everyone has the skills to leverage it. That explains why, despite the $200bn spent on digital transformation in 2018, 81% of organizations are still stuck in the very early stages of adoption, she said.

Next, armed with a belt for monitoring elephants (yes, elephants!), Bart Schouw, Chief Evangelist, CTO Office at Software AG, told us how an aging population, regulation and the “experience generation” are going to have a major impact on the future of technology. Why elephants? To highlight that new generations will not tolerate the failure of past generations to protect wildlife and the planet - technology will aid them in their mission.

Our Presales Director, UK, Joanne Taylor, told the audience that AI is the hottest trend out there today, with the proliferation of smart things including cars, healthcare, and personal assistants entering the realm of smart spaces such as cities and factories. Then Gerard Eivers, General Manager EMEA at Kellton Tech, said the future can be unlocked with APIs.

The University of Portsmouth told a story of being under pressure to modernize its integration - to keep students happy and to help stay tops in the league tables. Going from a point-to-point integration system to an enterprise service bus took the Uni from the “Valley of Despair” to the “Slope of Enlightenment,” said Simon Langdale, Applications Manager.

Other customer presentations included David Burbage-Atter, Business Process Analyst at Yorkshire Water, who had a story to tell about the company’s implementation of ARIS 9.5 to guide its capital transformation program. And utility SSE discussed using Appointing Alfabet to turn its enterprise architecture into value.

Our partners from Cognizant, BPM-D and Ownet also had a chance to take the stage to talk about how  Software AG adds value to their customer solutions.

Martin Neuenhahn: Director Cross Product Strategy at Software AG and Phil Hooker, VP Strategic Programs at Software AG, showed us to turn the need of field service teams to interact with their machines via voice (to determine their key metrics) into a minimum viable product.

Workshops for ARIS and Alfabet, Cumulocity IoT DataHub, webMethods - Embedded Integration, B2B Integration and API Engagement – and Apama Streaming Analytics rounded out the day.


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