SAG_Twitter_MEME_Stop_Worrying_880x440px_Jul18Too many business people wake up each day worrying about the future of their company’s supply chain.

So what is the best way to modernize it? The word “modernization” may not be the most compelling way to begin a conversation about information technology. Most product marketers wouldn’t be caught dead (or at least identified) using a term that sounds like a throw-back to the days of “data processing.”   

And yet, despite all the exciting innovations and benefits being achieved through the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and digital transformation in general,  a multitude of  business people still wake up every morning – with both feet in the present -  worrying about the future of their organization’s supply chain.

Companies are rightly concerned about how well their B2B Integration and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system strategy is serving their supply chain and partner ecosystem - and whether their current technology provides the necessary support to efficiently produce and distribute, products and services to their customers.

They’re also feeling the burdens of:

  • Increasing costs for maintaining multiple ecommerce standards and systems.
  • Inconsistent or unsupported EDI data-interchange translations, resulting in partner and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Inefficient and slow partner onboarding.

And of course-

  • The inability to streamline supply chain.

But, before reaching out to your favorite and trusted B2B/EDI consultant, may I recommend taking a look at Software AG’s white paper, “5 Ways to Grow and Modernize Your Supply Chain”?   

In this white paper, we discuss B2B drivers, as well as several mechanisms that can be used to automate B2B document exchanges. You’ll also see how a carefully, thought-out B2B strategy can transform five key areas of your supply chain, including transforming:

  • Procurement
  • Order management
  • Logistics
  • Returns
  • Retail

5 Ways to Grow and Modernize Your Supply Chain”  is an in-depth study which focuses on adopting the smooth automation necessary for  processes and operations, scalability and flexibility, growing and changing as your  business does – and  increasing accuracy and consistency across transactional data.

If you’re unfamiliar with Software AG’s long and industry leading history in B2B Integration, please watch this brief video.


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