wm-weds-siloedMDM-in.jpgYes.  Arguably, this title may strike some as an oxymoron. Veterans of early single-domain Master Data Management solutions (Customer, Product, Location and their related subsets), will point out that the salient characteristics of a single-domain MDM solution include discrete master data storage, dedicated domain business logic, subject-matter specific governance and, very importantly, dedicated domain models.

Back in the day, for example, that meant licensing a single platform for managing product master data to the exclusion of customer data – and vice versa.

But those same veterans will also note that multi-domain MDM is designed to supersede the need for an individual or domain-dedicated system.

Multi-domain MDM is defined by a single repository or hub that 1) enables the consolidation of any kind of enterprise master data (or reference data), 2) provides a shared platform for services and governance, and 3) guarantees the ability to house multiple domain data sets and their structures.

And yet, multi-domain MDM systems still need to support tightly governed and siloed environments for single domain data management. Co-mingling different domains is not only inefficient and unorganized, but antithetical to good governance, stewardship controls and may even be contra-indicated for supporting certain industry compliance requirements.

But, multi-domain MDM has a broader mission that actually goes beyond governing master data. True, multi-domain MDM should be able to also link or connect different physical data domains (i.e. models, datasets). This type of domain-synchronization not only maximizes holistic business views within the MDM hub, but increases business value, as well as providing an organic basis for managing and understanding the hierarchical relationships of operational master data.

Connecting business data sets

Using MDM, to govern and connect different domain data sets, can provide a foundational roadmap supporting major enterprise initiatives and process improvement:

  • Customer 360

Key Domains: Customer, Account, Product, Location

  • Customer Onboarding

Key Domains: Customer, Account, Product, Location

  • Supply Chain Optimization

Suppler, Product (buy-side) Components, Raw Materials, Location 

Governing and connecting any MDM domain will be the focus of the next webMethods Wednesdays webinar on August 24th @ 11:00 ET entitled Don’t Settle for Siloed Multi-Domain MDM.

The live presentation will include a demo of webMethods OneData, Software AG’s Multi-domain platform, including single domain data management, linking multiple domain and hierarchy or affiliation management.

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