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Process-Driven MDM is a multi-layered concept. As a basic enabler of a successful digital enterprise, PD-MDM leverages the value of good and consistent, organizational master data and directly ties it to business process improvement. In order to help ensure the success of IoT projects, Customer-360 or product onboarding initiatives, PD-MDM methodically identifies essential data assets and ensures their integrity, thereby removing process improvement stumbling blocks in the form of poor and unreliable data quality.

A Master Data Management process or tool can be viewed as the sum of its own set of processes:

• Modeling & Data acquisition (Pulling data from any relevant enterprise data source into the MDM hub).
• Rules driven data quality calls (Matching, cleansing, validation, hierarchy management).
• Data deployment (Pushing trusted data back out from the MDM hub to sourcing systems and other subscribing beneficiaries).

These various processes-driven functions are the foundation for MDM’s holistic data governance strategy.

Additionally, MDM’s workflow is a process-driven, governance capability. At its best, workflow proactively executes data steward or governance alerts based on real-world business requirements and type of change (data updated, record creation or even deletion). In this respect, webMethods OneData provides the ability to create process-driven workflow routings that maximize stewardship, and substantively link both IT data management and business requirements within the same workflow process.

But, webMethods BPMS has a similar mission. Software AG’s Business Process Management Suite, in fact, is itself a governance and workflow tool that can collaborativley orchestrate, manage and monitor end-to-end business processes. By increasing agility and enabling users to dynamically react to change, BPM minimizes and even eliminates disruption to the workflow process.

When combined with MDM, BPM effectively broadens the process-power of MDM’s own workflow capabilities. For almost two years, the functionality of OneData’s workflow has been remotely leveraged by direct integration with webMethods BPMS, bringing an additional level of enterprise, data enrichment. Once an external workflow has been executed in webMethods BPMS, control is then returned to OneData.

This powerful and symbiotic relationship supports the process-driven MDM paradigm. On one hand BPMS helps orchestrate the execution of critical business processes, such as order-to-cash, while at the same time playing a synchronistic role in the governance of that processes’ essential master data. It should also be pointed out that Software AG’s enabling process-driven technology includes ARIS for Business Process Analysis.

But that’s another blog entry.

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