pretty smart largeThis is a guest blog by Ken Do, an MDM Senior Data Steward.

Let me say this: The well-known, but “retro tabular” view associated with Master Data Management solutions is on its way out!

While we data stewards still love our data, we are increasingly insisting it be presented through an MDM UI with a more pleasing countenance, a more application-oriented point of view. We want slicker, user-friendly data governance environments providing increased clarity to manage assigned data sets; more accessible and concise work views. We want smart row filtering and searching. And we want it now!

And yes - we want our data displayed as prettily as possible. While (we must concede) the tabular, Excel-like views are still necessary, we think a little more preferential color and a few more configurable style options would be very welcome indeed.

We data stewards also want the option for an expanded global view beyond our siloed place on the data management assembly line. It’s not enough to own a product whose out-of-the-box functionality supports the complete, MDM lifecycle. We want to understand the progression of that journey by leveraging out-of-the-box analytics, business intelligence tools and dash-boarding in order to demonstrate the value and impact of superior data quality on business processes.

We want to have more skin in the game. We welcome smart accountability and data lineage. This is how we can quantify and help dramatically increase application user buy-in. We need to encourage an unequivocal trust in MDM, so we can position it as the go-to platform for good and consistent multi-domain master data, reference data and hierarchies.

Above all, we need to demonstrate that MDM is the only way to provide a single view of data sets – a critical success factor for business process improvement or, as we like to call it, process-driven MDM.

And while this blog may not be the place to address comparable advances for MDM system administrators and data architects, I can assure you, we have their full support.


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