IoT will Meet MDM

Charlie Greenberg
By Charlie Greenberg - April 11, 2016

SAG_LinkedIn_MEME_Integration_Predictions_Blog-7Social media, sensor data, and system-generated metadata –oh yes, IoT will meet MDM. But how can MDM actually add value to the exponential growth of IoT-driven Big Data? What will MDM be cleansing or matching? What will be the point of governing or work-flowing sensor data?

Thought-leaders are convinced MDM has an IoT role to play and advocate quickly harnessing valuable social media data in order to expand the 360-view of the customer master record.

But what is that role? It will, of course, be for streaming analytics to trigger a proactive vendor response when the right key word is identified in a customer Tweet or Facebook posting. And there are certainly more application-oriented ways of collecting the raw sensor data emitted from a customer’s Smartphone that will generate pre-programed responses to information about customer behavior. This customer experience information could be website activity, interaction with in-store systems (loyalty sign-ups, etc.), or clear intra-departmental preferences within one store location.

In fact, it will not be MDM’s role to actually govern or “correct” this kind of data (though there’s probably a use case around reference data or code sets aggregating certain types of social media and sensor data).

Rather, MDM will continue to ensure that there is a single, accurate and cleansed view of the core master data while, at the same time, synchronizing and enriching the customer master record through IoT generated data. In other words, a broadening of MDM’s consolidation use case.

Which further means IoT will decidedly raise the bar and redefine MDM’s enrichment process. Oh, for the days when adding +4 to a zip code or even automatically assigning geocodes were actually considered enrichment! Just wait till you see a Twitter feed become embedded in your customer record - or streaming telemetrics taken for granted as just another attribute for asset data management.

Then you’ll know that that the first meeting for IoT and MDM went very well indeed.


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