Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

An Autumn Checkup on Manufacturing Trends 

Earlier this year, I made a few predictions about the manufacturing industry for 2019.  I thought I’d check in to see how I...

A Midyear Checkup on Manufacturing Trends

Earlier this year, I made a few predictions about the manufacturing industry for 2019.  I thought I’d check in to see how I...

What does Freedom as a Service Mean to Manufacturers?

Software AG’s new tagline “Freedom as a Service” is especially meaningful to the manufacturing industry.

IoT: The New Frontier for Edge Analytics

Today, on IoT Day, the Internet of Things is at an inflection point; data being collected from devices and sensors is vast,...

See Your Supply Chain Like Never Before

A supply chain is a straightforward concept. Orders are placed, product is shipped and then components and materials are...

In 2019, Manufacturing gets Smarter

Manufacturing predictions for 2019 will focus on Internet of Things adoption across the industry, and banks will begin to...

Full Lifecycle Process Management in Manufacturing

How do you get a 360-degree view of your end-to-end processes in order to achieve continuous improvement in manufacturing?

Process Mining in Connected Manufacturing

In manufacturing, it is critical to have complete architectural oversight of your process management; this can be achieved...

Three Best Practices for Connected Manufacturing

A manufacturer’s supply chain consists of continuous flows and waves and there are some deeply embedded challenges blocking...

Three Fiery Trends in Manufacturing

The heat is on this summer as manufacturers strive to deliver strong growth and meet new market needs, with an unrelenting...

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