Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Automate Retail using IoT

What if you could ensure your office never ran out of coffee? By using Internet of Things technologies on your assets, you...

Amazon and the Art of Instrumentation

From its infancy as an online bookseller, Amazon, founded in Jeff Bezos’ garage, has been considered a disruptive influence.

Retail’s Future: Powered by Platforms and Innovation

The National Retail Federation 2018 Big Show conference and exhibition in New York City last month produced few real...

Optimize Retail Operational Costs

The eternal question for retailers in this age of digitalization is: “How can we get costs down by optimizing processes?”...

How to Survive in Retail in 2018

I love it when commentary about the future of retail and technology made by myself and my colleagues is validated by a...

Retailers: Let IoT do the Counting

The omni-channel revolution has created a new set of requirements for retailers; the most important is to be able accurately...

Retail Giants Realize Bigger is not Always Better

Global retail giants are snaffling up - or imitating - small, lean startup competitors in a bid for market share, but they...

Are you Ready for This Year's Holiday Trends?

There’s no better time to commit to a digital revolution than during retailing prime time: The holiday shopping season.

Six new Realities for Retail in 2018

The world of retail reached a kind of tipping point in 2017, as some brick and mortar retailers filed for bankruptcy while...

Survival in the Age of Amazon

For retailers to survive in this age of Amazon they must solve customer pain points with the use of technology and overcome...

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