Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Demo: A Tale of Two Systems - MDM Integration between and SAP

CRM and ERP integration is essential. But often the missing piece is MDM, which in addition to batch-updates, should be able to...

Demo: A Tale of Two Systems: MDM Integration between and SAP

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An MDM Paradox

MDM: Highly Recommended, Seldom Understood, is a very engaging, if somewhat disturbing blog by Forrester data quality...

The Big, the Bad and the Ugly

As discussed in a recent MDM white paper, the size of enterprise data is exponentially exploding, and organizations are...

MDM's 3 Personas

Creating user-personas is a well-established practice employed by solution architects and product managers who need to drive...

Demo: Using webMethods OneData Workflow to Validate Change

OneData’s MDM governance framework provides a highly configurable workflow engine. Some companies, in fact, depend on...

Read Software AG’s 'Innovation Through Master Data Management'

Creating and managing accurate and consistent data is still often considered the exclusive province of IT. But while IT...

Stand-Alone MDM? No Such Thing

As far as I know, there are two definitions that might support the idea of stand-alone MDM:

Disappointing the Digital Enterprise with Bad Business Data

The term Digital Enterprise has come to mean much more than simply an organization implementing a paperless environment by...

When MDM’s Workflow is Not Applicable
A OneData workflow generated by type of data change (click to enlarge image).

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