Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Ebb and Flow of MDM Data Modeling

In the last of our three-part data governance blog series, we discuss the ongoing controversy over MDM data modelling; an...

Master your Data Management Solution

In the second of our three-part blog series, we discuss how to implement your master data management (MDM) solution and...

Managing Data Governance: A Primer

In the first of a series of three blogs, we offer a primer for deploying process-driven data governance, which is rapidly...

webMethods Wednesdays: “For MDM, Style is Everything!”

One of MDM’s key success factors is selecting the best available MDM implementation and use case, data management style.

MDM's Single-Version of Persona

Putting aside sloppy and incomplete data entry (and yes, I know that’s not a minor detail), why do large companies still...

Process-Driven MDM? Meet MDM as Process

When we discuss Process-Driven MDM, what processes are we talking about?

Well, for starters, certainly business processes....

M&A’s Master Data Problem
Click image to enlarge.
IT Integration Strategies for M&A

The following is a condensed Chapter from Software AG's upcoming white paper "An IT Manager’s Guide to M&A Planning".

An IT Manager’s Guide to M&A Planning - Chapter 1

In advance of its publication, I wanted to excerpt and share three installments of a new Software AG white paper focusing on...

Live Demo: Improving Data Quality for SAP

ERP systems are just one component in increasingly complex, digital enterprises. Add in system and data churn from mergers &...

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