SAG_Twitter_Microservices_880x440_Apr19We know API adoption is red hot. In fact, APIs actually have their own, beautifully produced television commercials.

Why?  Because APIs are making companies highly competitive, enabling critical customer accessibility to large numbers of applications, data and services, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Microservices, on the other hand, are not quite so well known. You won’t see TV commercials for Microservices as you sip your coffee and view the Sunday morning news channels.

That said, you might well be a developer who begins the work week deploying Microservices to create integrations for both cloud and on-premise applications.

Together, APIs and Microservices help companies quickly build and deliver the business integrations necessary to freely innovate.

But can API and Microservices better work in tandem to support the increasing number of on-premise and cloud applications residing across hybrid architectures?

Introducing Dev Cast Demos

Deploying APIs and Microservices as a single, unified platform will be the first order of business for Software AG’s new integration-focused webinars series, DevCast Demos.  

Debuting on Thursday, April 4th at 2:00PM, the series launches with Driving Digital Transformation with a single, unified API and Microservices platform.

The session, including a live demo, will focus on:

  • Automating DevOps across both cloud and on-premises
  • Reusing utility services across both cloud and on-premises
  • Implementing flexible deployment of custom code (packages) from on-premises to cloud and vice versa

..and more!

Please join us – and  click below to register for this event.

Register Here

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