SAG_Twitter_MEME_Digital_Twin_880x440_Apr18_draft1What is a digital twin? It is a representation of your physical assets; it represents what you have now and what you want to have in the future.

Take, for example, your body. You think you are fit and healthy, you exercise and you don’t smoke. But there is more to it than that - inter-dependencies. Every function of your body interacts with others. What if your alcohol consumption is affecting your quality of sleep? A lack of sleep can interfere with your concentration and memory, it can raise your blood pressure or make you put on weight.

Having a digital twin in the guise of - say - a fitness watch gives you a more comprehensive view of how your body operates, its processes, and points that you need to improve. The digital twin of your body guides you toward a healthy life by providing benchmarks, e.g. healthy ideals against normal values. In a nutshell it helps to visualize, manage and better plan your fitness and your future. Today, digital twins are being introduced across all lines of business.

They are known as enterprise digital twins – and help to illustrate your business operating model from end to end. Many organizations are using twins to coordinate the critical inter-dependencies between people, processes and IT within complex digital business transformations. They make sure your future plans fit within your existing infrastructure.

Consultants at Gartner Group said in a report, 12 Powerful Use Cases for Creating a Digital Twin of Your Organization, that program and portfolio managers often struggle to represent, prioritize, plan and manage the underlying business operational scenarios, and fail to adapt their plans to the moving strategic and operational targets. This is where the enterprise digital twin comes in.

“Any digital business initiative, whether transformational or a smaller change, requires the translation of desired business outcomes and customer experience measurements into operational indicators that can be used to monitor progress toward goals, even after program or project completion,” said Gartner.

You can rely on Software AG’s ARIS and build your enterprise digital twin to:

  • Describe, analyze and improve your business operating model
  • Make your company more agile and adaptive to change
  • Build and implement digital business transformation road maps

Digital transformation will trigger a whole set of interrelated changes to your organization, products and services and internal and external relationships – it is a complex task to manage. By using a digital twin for your organization you can explore options and reduce the risk of your chosen paths forward.

In our next blogs about enterprise digital twins, we will discuss specific use cases including supply chain and quality management. Meanwhile, get to know your own digital twin by downloading the Gartner report for free.

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