SAG_Twitter_MEME_Work_Life_Balance_HR_880x440_Nov16-Draft2.pngAs a trailblazer of digitalization, Software AG works in a fast-paced and competitive industry. When it comes to attracting the best and brightest employees we offer competitive salaries and exciting job opportunities, of course, but we also offer benefits that can help them to achieve an optimal work/life/health/family balance. 

The well-being of our employees is a top priority and our range of benefits reflects this. We began offering flexible working models early on, giving staff members the freedom to balance work and family. Telecommuting is also becoming a very popular option.  And projects spanning departments and countries allow Software AG employees to work in a global, non-hierarchical environment. 

Our further education portfolio features external and Software AG’s own Corporate University courses. This range enables life-long learning for our employees in technical subjects as well as soft skills such as healthy work habits.

Work/Life Balance

Bärbel Schäfer, VP HR Germany, Austria, Switzerland & HR Business Partner Global Consulting Services, said, “We understand that today's working world poses new challenges for both employees and employers. Jobs often require flexibility, which must be reconciled with family demands.”

Software AG recognized these challenges years ago and began establishing conditions to reflect our employees’ different stages of life.  In Germany, for example, employees are entitled to    assistance in the case of sudden, unexpected challenges - such as a stroke, a car accident or sick parents or grandparents - occur in the family.

In situations such as these, Employee Assistance Elder & Childcare provides employees with counseling and assistance in finding care.  Software AG joined the “Career and Care” network at the beginning of September to endorse this topic.  By signing a charter for the reconciliation of job and care, Software AG is playing an active role in promoting acceptance of and respect for the issue.

In addition to caring for the sick and elderly, Employee Assistance Elder & Childcare also provides counseling and helps employees to find suitable child care solutions.

Corporate Health Management

Software AG offers a wide range of internal company programs for employees to improve their health.  For example, staff members can have regular checkups with a company doctor and take part in health days at HQ in Darmstadt.

Bike enthusiasts can ride to work on a company bike. Our employees are entitled to lease premium-quality bikes from bicycle shops across Germany for their morning commute as well as for use in their leisure time. 

Software AG’s company cafeteria provides an ample breakfast selection as well as a freshly prepared lunch with primarily certified organic ingredients. Employees enjoy a changing daily menu and wide selection of dishes.

Company athletic groups round out our extensive range of preventative health care programs, ensuring there is something there for everyone.  These include yoga, squash, basketball, badminton, soccer, running, Nordic walking, exercise classes for the back, and gymnastics. Activities usually take place close to the office to make it easy to stay in shape and play sports with coworkers. 

Social Involvement as a Team

Getting involved for a worthwhile cause is the focus of our social activities.  A social mindset is deeply engrained in Software AG's identity and history. Software AG founder Dr. Peter Schnell laid the groundwork back in 1992 when he started the Software AG Foundation. Since then, Software AG and its employees have been committed to social responsibility and giving back a part of our success to society.

Just one example of many: As the main sponsor of the SV Darmstadt 98 soccer club, Software AG has participated in the club’s social campaign known as “Under the Sign of the Lily” for many years.  Its focus is inclusion and organizing events for people with mental or physical limitations.

Byung-Hun Park, SVP of Corporate Communications at Software AG, adds, “Our inclusive soccer festival is a real highlight. We hold practice drills and a tournament at the end. Software AG staff members volunteer as helpers. It’s great for team spirit.”

All these factors add up to make Software AG a very attractive employer. Sergej Ritter, junior consultant at Software AG, said that the money is good but it is just one factor.  “Other advantages include flexible working hours, sports activities, training courses and the work atmosphere at Software AG.”

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