SAG_Twitter_MEME_-Alfabets-2018_Product_Release_880x440px_Aug18Alfabet is demonstrating its staying power with the slew of new and innovative functionality to be seen in its latest release.

"Release after release, Alfabet continues to have the best vision for the upcoming features to complete its existing portfolio of IT management tools,” said one analyst.

This release is no exception. Of course, the drivers for our product development change over time and digital transformation is having the greatest impact by far. So what’s changed?

For one, the need for efficient and reliable integration with other systems, in order to avoid double entry of data and to ensure the information from operative systems is fed into Alfabet. This is to enable better decisions on how to transform the IT portfolio to support digital business strategies. And – in the other direction – governance to ensure operational systems are following strategic plans, effectively closing the strategy to execution gap.

Previous releases provided integration with service repositories like CentraSite and IT service management systems like ServiceNow. This release, 10.3, will provide integration with webMethods’ Trading Networks to dynamically create ecosystem network information including runtime behavior.

What else has changed? Digitalization has given birth to the API economy. For many companies APIs are a strategic asset, a differentiator to enable them to differentiate from industry peers who are larger and more traditional. After adding APIs to Alfabet’s roster of architecture objects to be planned and managed, each release has added new capabilities (such as integration with webMethods API Portal and API Gateway). Release 10.3 adds API consumer discovery to be able to understand API usage.

Continuous interaction with business and top management is essential to stay the digital course and, with release 10.3, Alfabet goes a step further. It enables the wealth of information it holds and rich insights it provides to be presented in a format familiar and common to all business stakeholders. Users can leverage Alfabet to automatically create PowerPoint presentations with varying slide layouts and dynamically filled content.

And finally – although this is by no means all of what we will deliver with release 10.3 – Alfabet will provide a facility for automated translation. This will integrate with modern translation engines, such as those from Google and Amazon, to increase adoption and user productivity in multi-national environments. EA and portfolio stakeholders are in all corners of the world. That is truly the global nature of today’s digital business.

So, I’m excited about the upcoming release and especially the opportunity to present it to you in Software AG’s Virtual Product Update Conference on October 9th, 10th and 11th. Just think, you’ll be watching presentations, connecting with thousands of your peers and interacting with our Alfabet experts - all from the comfort of your desk.

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