SAG_Twitter_MEME_Keep_an_Eagle_Eye_880x440_Nov17_draft1.jpgFraud, insider trading, rogue algorithms - in the past few years banks and other financial institutions have had their share of abusive activity.

In a report released in October, consultancy Quinlan & Associates estimated that employee misconduct has cost investment banks $850bn since the 2008 financial crisis, thanks to “widespread unethical behavior” in the industry.

From rogue trades to hidden accounts and secret chatrooms, some unethical traders have caused not just losses but also massive fines from the regulators.

This is why we have “weaponized” our Apama EagleEye market surveillance system with artificial intelligence, giving organizations an “eagle-eye” view of all of their data, but also the ability to analyze it for possible compliance breaches.

Apama EagleEye allows organizations to monitor live streaming data, historical information, and communications to detect compliance breaches and abusive patterns across asset classes, geographies, and markets.

Apama EagleEye seamlessly extends rules-based surveillance strategies by integrating with AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, and statistical models based on open industry standards.

Via alerting, case management, and customizable reports, Apama EagleEye arms compliance teams with a comprehensive tool to optimize compliance breach analysis.

Regulators and board members are asking compliance to do more - and to do it more quickly, often in near real-time. Apama EagleEye helps companies to protect their profits from fraud, avoid regulatory penalties and to spot trading misconduct before it impacts the bottom line.

Apama EagleEye leverages the latest features of Software AG’s award-winning Apama streaming analytics platform combined with Zementis’ predictive analytics capabilities.

With organizations scrambling to meet deadlines for MiFID II, GDPR and other regulations early next year, they will welcome a solution that lets you keep an Eagle Eye on things.


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