SAG_InnovationTour_London_Twitter_MEME_880x440px_Apr17-2.jpgGoing away for a couple of weeks’ vacation can be a tense time; anything could go wrong at home while you are away.

Your vacant house could be burgled, your pets might be lonely (and possibly not fed on time), the pipes could freeze during a cold snap. There must be something that can be done to make leaving easier and give you peace of mind while you are away. There is.

On 28 September at Software AG’s signature UK Innovation Tour event at the iconic Andaz London Liverpool Street we will show you how the Internet of Things can improve your lives and your homes.

In one of our workshops, Smarter Living with IoT, we will talk about why the IoT is important and how you can use it in your home. A hands-on exercise will challenge you to come up with your own ideas. Maybe you want to use sensors to monitor your dog when you are away, checking that he is being walked regularly and maybe to give him treats automatically.

You could decide to invent a system that turns on lights in certain rooms while you are away, adding a random element so that thieves don’t suspect anything is amiss. You decide! The most creative idea will win you an award.

Another workshop, Smarter Working through Process Improvement, will let you map out some ideal processes for digital transformation and we will throw some barriers at you.

We will pretend that is 2020 and the race is on to introduce 5G mobile networks into the UK. New handsets are not yet available, but a simple app upgrade will enable existing customers to benefit immediately from the new 5G technology. For health and safety reasons, all handsets are now made entirely from Lego®.

You will map out the processes from the shop to the factory, to the upgrade and then back to the shop. Let’s see how far you get! There will be an award for the best performer.

Our final workshop, Smarter Operating for Compliance, is a little more serious, focusing on data privacy regulations. For example, if you are not prepared for GDPR by May 2018, you could face fines of up to 4% of your global revenues. We will tell you how you can prepare for GDPR and other data privacy regulations using role playing and demos. This will help you learn how to cope when the regulators come to visit.   

Real-life examples of smarter homes, processes and compliance will sharpen your digitalization skills. Each workshop will be run twice during the afternoon, so you will have the opportunity to attend two of them.

Digitalization offers your customers more choice; choice of suppliers, choice of how and when to buy. It drives the creation of new business models that power the formation of your next competitor – at a speed you have never seen before.

Companies are using software to create these new business models, to disrupt and then to lead. If you are not sure where to start or where to go from here, or if you have a digital transformational journey you would like to share with others, you should join us at the Software AG UK Innovation Tour.

Come and have some fun while learning and interacting with your peers.

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