Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Integration 2017: Specialists Not Required

Integration is becoming a pervasive problem across businesses, with ad hoc and non-technical developers — as well as...

Don't Settle for Siloed Multi-Domain MDM

 Yes.  Arguably, this title may strike some as an oxymoron. 

Data Shines a Light on Retail Operational Fitness

Inventory and sales are the heart and lungs of any retailer’s internal operational fitness; but without visibility their...

Westward Ho! IT Portfolio Management and Your Digital Journey

One can find many analogies between the 19th century pirate’s novel Westward Ho! and today’s digital business adventure; the...

Hybrid Integration: Ensure Data Quality

We have now been through the first five steps to creating a hybrid integration strategy.

The Cloud’s Not Scary if you’re Prepared

Many government agencies are modernizing their technology, but advancing into the cloud seems like a scary prospect. If they...

How to Save Money by Retaining Mainframe Applications

Government agencies should avoid the temptation to rip out their valuable mainframe applications and replace them with newer...

With Hybrid Integration, Flexibility is Key
Not all hybrid integration projects are created equal. Some projects are mission critical. Some are rapid development...
Fitting Blockchain into the Technology Puzzle

Fitting the blockchain piece into an organization’s technology puzzle is going to require both business and technology...

Hybrid Integration: Meet Project Demands

With an increase in the number of SaaS applications, there is a corresponding increase in the demand for integration...

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