Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Software AG Bulgaria Has a New Home

You have certainly heard the real estate mantra “location, location, location.”

Rounding up the Talent at CeBIT 2017

CeBIT, the world’s biggest IT exhibition, can also be regarded as a talent magnet.

Watch out, Here Comes Digital Germany

Is it time to be dramatic? Yes, it truly is. I don’t think one can be overly dramatic as the shockwaves of digitalization...

Emotional? In Hanover?

Words cannot express the excitement and passion we feel about the impact and innovation possibilities of Digitalization and...

Celebrating Real-World Innovation

Software AG’s signature UK event, Innovation Day 2016 is where our customers meet and share their personal insights into...

Highlighting Integration at Gartner’s Application Summit

Software AG will showcase one of its most innovative customers – Grainger – along with its webMethods Integration platform...

Can you Learn to Digitally Innovate in a Day?

While the short answer is no, it’s worth considering what you can learn from others who have already found better ways to do...

Innovation Day 2016: Engage, Educate and Add Value

At Software AG we believe in engaging with our clients, educating each other and exposing us all to new ideas and...

Build a Better User Experience – One VIP at a Time

There is a big industry conference in a hotel in London and you have flown overnight to get there in time.

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