Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Internal API Pragmatism & Value Capture

In my first blog, I discussed how hard it is to monetize APIs and that many banks are trying to do this the wrong way – i.e....

Why the Rush to Digitalize Banking?

The initiative to open up bank APIs to third parties, driven by regulation and market forces, is causing a rush toward...

Why Star Wars’ robots are deliberately annoying

The Star Wars universe is filled with annoying robots; they are terrible workers, nervous, inattentive and sloppy.

API Monetization:  Indoors then Outdoors

I am often faced with a common question when interacting with banks and financial houses about their API strategy.

AI: Two Singularities for the Price of One

A technological singularity is a game-changer, but what happens when there are two singularities?

Forrester Wave Highlights Digital Transformers

No, I’m not talking about the mechanical, sci-fi movie kind of Transformer, but the real-life visionary, business-leader...

The Many Flavors of Open Banking

As digitalization and regulation create a surge toward open banking, financial institutions have to decide which flavor to...

Marrying Manufacturing and High Tech in Europe

Recently I attended several panel discussions at business conferences, including the “Day of German Industry,” and spoke to...

GDPR: Collaborate and Conquer

If the high number of attendees for our latest webinar, “GDPR: Create the right basis now for compliance in 2018 and...

Retail Suppliers rethink their cloud strategy

I sense a disturbance in the cloud. Thousands of organizations that supply goods and services to Walmart cried out in terror...

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