Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Appreciating the Digital CX Revolution

Consumers are so lucky; they can go online, do a little product research, then simply click to pay and arrange delivery.

Gartner Makes Enterprise Architecture Sexy Again

Do you think that Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a stovepipe discipline for dusty IT people who spend all day documenting...

Speed up and Transform Work Management

As the pace of work speeds up, many day-to-day processes can spin out of control without the proper technology and processes...

Digital Sovereignty Demands Dynamic Processes

Only you have sovereign power over keeping your data and processes innovative - and compliant. 

Will your Digital Twin be a Genie?

Having a digital twin that acts like a proverbial genie from the lamp may sound like a fairy tale, but the subject is...

Reduce Operational Costs for Mainframes

The venerable mainframe remains the backbone of today’s leading companies, even in an era where new consumer technologies...

Mastering the Art of Customer Complaints

By providing high-quality service when a customer calls with a complaint or dispute you will exponentially enhance the...

The Last Two Steps to Reimagining Retail

We know that retailers only need three things from their technology investments: insight, efficiency and smart response; and...

Making AI Work in a Live Environment

The opportunity to grow financial services business through artificial intelligence (AI) is closer than you think.

How to Get Customers on Board - Fast

First impressions count. To be successful with bringing on new customers and keeping them loyal, you need to make the ...

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