Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Why Should you Attend a Virtual Conference?

Workloads get longer. Days get shorter. How do you fit everything in… and make sure you are keeping yourself informed?

IoT: Three Heads (+) are Better than Two

There are many practical challenges to getting your Internet of Things strategy off the ground, so sometimes you need a role...

Build a Smarter Middle Office

Few could argue with the notion that having a smarter middle office – where more is automated, the cost of trading goes...

Why we Should Vote for Digitalization

It has become a four-year routine: Ahead of general elections, debates heat up over a wide range of...

Westward Ho! IT Portfolio Management and Your Digital Journey

One can find many analogies between the 19th century pirate’s novel Westward Ho! and today’s digital business adventure; the...

What the Greeks knew about GDPR

My colleague in the next office has a sticky note on her monitor which reads “Nothing is more permanent than a temporary...

UK Innovation Tour 2017: Additional Speakers Confirmed

In just three weeks we will be welcoming our customers to Software AG’s signature UK Innovation Tour event. 

Digitalization Hits the Road (and Tracks)

Although autonomous driving is becoming a new reality, digitalization is not limited to the road; the railway industry has...

To Boost a Bank’s Bottom Line, Start in the Middle

Banks and other financial trading firms are under constant pressure to improve their bottom lines.

Digitalization: A Good Story Bears Repeating

I’ve extolled the benefits of digitalization before, but as Groucho Marx inferred, a good story bears repeating.

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