Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

The Real Secret* Behind Mona Lisa’s Smile

A few nights ago I found myself lamenting the disappearance of the Renaissance man - those polymaths whose knowledge spanned...

How to Make AI Work for You

Recently I had the privilege to attend The Spark award event (co-sponsored by McKinsey and Handelsblatt) in Berlin. Winners...

IT Portfolio Management Pointes your Digital Strategy Forward

Not many people would associate “boldness” and “tenacity” with the rather bromidic and matter-of-fact world of IT; just as...

One More Chance to Attend our Virtual Conference

Workloads get longer. Days get shorter. How do you fit everything in… and make sure you are keeping yourself informed?

Has Equifax Done Banks a Big Favor?

In a backhanded way, Equifax may have done banks a big, fat favor.  By demonstrating in the most painful way how damaging a...

The Overlooked Step to Digital Transformation
Every industry is investigating, investing in or actively pursuing some form of digital transformation, but there appears to...
PSD2 Risks Becoming ‘Pop Idol’ for Fintechs

There is a dichotomy at the heart of talent shows like Pop Idol.

Catapulting inexperienced people into the mainstream music...

New Digital Business Models Create New Headaches

Renting shoes? DSW says “You shall go to the ball!”

Subscribing to a car? Volvo says “go for it!”

The World Just Got a Little Bit Smarter…

At Software AG’s 2017 UK Innovation Tour in London last week.

Gartner: Prepare for Rights of Data Subjects

 Now that you have decided that you must comply with GDPR, have appointed your data protection officer and figured out how...

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