SAG_Twitter_MEME_Tis the_Season_Dec17.jpgThere are just a few days until the festive season kicks off. For many people this time of year is a time for reflection - and for giving something back to the community.

This is also true for many of our Software AG colleagues around the globe who have donated to various global or local organizations throughout the year. Corporate Social Responsibility at Software AG is not just a tagline, but a matter that is close to all our employees’ hearts.

The contributions varied from fund-raising to direct donations for the needy, or direct interactions with those who are disadvantaged.

This year our employees at our headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany packed 35 shoeboxes for the #Kinderzukunft Foundation’s “Christmas packages for children in need.” The boxes - filled with candy, cosmetics, toys, art supplies and/or clothing for boys or girls - were delivered to children in need in Eastern Europe. This great campaign not only put a smile on the children’s faces but also made our employees’ hearts swell.

xmas package.jpgAt our annual Software AG Kids’ Holiday Party in Reston, USA, over 75 kids came to sit on Santa’s lap to tell him what they wanted for Christmas - and answer the age old question: “Were you naughty or nice?” This is a great initiative organized by the employees and volunteers for children in need around the area. Over 150 toys were collected during the party and presented to the INOVA Children’s Hospital in Fairfax, VA to help comfort families during their hospital visits. This is definitely one party that will be remembered by everyone.  

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Outside of Christmas, our global MOVE YOUR FEET Campaign celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. Our employees have been running successfully for 10 years and have collected in total 81.575 km -equivalent to over 300.000 euros! Almost 6000km have been registered in 2017 so far.




Some of our colleagues have upped the stakes to MOVE YOUR FEET by completing 100+ mile courses. Now that is dedication! Rick Bennett, Inside Sales Executive from the Reston, VA office, says: "It's a crazy group of people who endure these ultra trail running races and they all band together to support every runner to finish. Depending on how my training goes I will attempt two more 100-mile races in 2018. :)" runner.jpg

The past ten years have shown what you can achieve with a bit of sport and a lot of passion.

xmas blog 3.pngHave you ever wondered what you could do with your bottle caps? Our office in Sofia, Bulgaria can tell you what you should do.  Our Bulgarian team successfully participated in the campaign “Caps for the Future," by contributing 46 kg of bottle caps.  The goal is to collect funds for a hospital in the town of Cherven Bryag, Bulgaria.  

Colleagues located at Software AG India visited Asha Jeevan Home, a Care Giving Center providing support to senior citizens who are either bedridden or need special attention. Software AG’s employees donated around a month’s supply of medicines, cereal and health drinks. Not only did we donate money but, most importantly, our time which every single person in the care center appreciated the most.

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We could list many more activities around the world. It is wonderful to see how dedicated and passionate our employees are with regards to giving something back to the community. Let us therefore continue to spread goodness by touching people’s lives, wherever they are, in the year ahead

 Wishing everyone a peaceful holiday season and a happy New Year! 

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