SAG_Twitter_MEME_Smarter_Oct17.jpgAt Software AG’s 2017 UK Innovation Tour in London last week.

A shining line-up of industry experts, top Software AG executives and product specialists gave our customers an in-depth look at how we are helping organizations in their quest for digitalization. Smart homes, smart operations, smart compliance – these were among the topics that were discussed in detail.

The conference was kicked off by Bo Gyldenvang, VP for the UK and Nordics at Software AG. Bo told the audience of 200+ that “We develop the software which makes it possible for you to change the world.” Bo 2.jpg

Bold words, indeed, but that is exactly what we spent the next few hours showing our customers.

Eric Duffaut, our Chief Customer Officer, pointed out that “digital disruption spares no one.” He explained how customers today expect the kind of service offered by giants like Amazon, Apple and Google, even those located in the most far-flung corners of the world. eric 5.jpgHe said that every organization must strive to equal or better this baseline of service.

Keynote speaker Neil Ward-Dutton, Research Director, MWD Advisors, warned the group that, although digital resources are already abundant, few organizations are dealing with them adequately. “The world of business technology has already changed. Digital transformation is about changing how YOU change,” he said. He noted that people – skills and training – are often overlooked as a critical part of any digital transformation. NWD ON STAGE 4.jpg

Guest speaker Marco Forneris, Senior Advisor from Octo Telematics (a Software AG customer), told the audience how telematics can monitor driver behavior in order to create more accurate risk profile. This can lower their insurance premiums. 

“More accurate risk pricing reflects a more accurate risk profile.  And lower premiums are a strong incentive to drive more safely,” said Forneris.

Matt - Bazillion.jpgMatt Smith, Chief Technology Officer at Software AG, was enthusiastic about how artificial intelligence is going to take the Internet of Things into the future. He kicked off his discussion with a startling fact: tech giants spent $30bn on AI research last year alone. “The largest robo-advisor has $7.4bn in assets under management. So, AI matters a lot.”

Matt explained how our new purchase of IoT platform company Cumulocity, combined with Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, brings hybrid intelligence, AI and streaming analytics together in one package.

Following lunch, we broke into workshops (each were run twice to make sure everyone could participate).

In one of our workshops, Smarter Living with IoT, Henry Lockwood, Principal Solutions Consultant, and Prashant Pattni, Practice Director for Big Data showed us how we can use the IoT to improve our homes. A fun hands-on exercise challenged eager participants to come up with ideas. The first workshop’s award winner floated the idea of facial recognition technology to unlock the front door. The second one proposed that IoT could help someone old and alone at home to find someone to talk to, bringing a more human face to IoT.  henry.jpg

Prash said: “Both sessions went very well and both groups were highly engaged (although the group after lunch did have more ideas).”

In the Smarter Working through Process Improvement workshop, Principle Business Architect Tim Holyoake led a spirited endeavor where we pretended that was 2020 and the race was on to introduce 5G mobile networks into the UK. New handsets were not yet available, but a simple app upgrade would enable existing customers to benefit immediately from the new 5G technology. For health and safety reasons (!), all handsets were entirely from Lego®. Principle Business Consultant Ali Zubair and Business Architect Matt Crate helped hand out the apps and soothe frenzied participants. 288A4263.jpg

In the first session, the award winner suggested that process needs to take account of the disability discrimination act (say a person’s mobility) and other common issues (e.g. color blindness). In the second session, rather than use the log sheets provided, the winners took photos of the phone before they changed it so that they could compare the original with the final product to make sure that it obeyed the rules of the game. We thought was a smart use of digital tech in a manual process!

In the Smarter Operating for Compliance workshop Team Leader Business Architect Liz Emmens, along with Ed Tucker – CIO for DP Governance – walked us through some of the pitfalls of data privacy regulations, including the EU’s upcoming GDPR. Software AG and DPG recently formed a partnership to offer expanded data, broadening our Digital Business Platform to include data protection management.  DPG has the only single point analysis of technical vulnerability, business process weakness and potential legal non-compliance – the three key drivers for total data security. 


In summary, the event was well-attended by an enthusiastic crowd - all were engaged by the speakers and avid participants in the workshops.

See below for photos and presentations from the UK tour.  









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