38 hours. This is the average time GeSAG_Twitter_MEME_KHS_Oct17.jpgrmans spend per year in their cars stuck in a traffic jam waiting patiently in front of red traffic lights every day. Darmstadt, home of the prestigious Technische Universität, has developed a solution to combat the daily bottlenecks on the streets. An app shows the current traffic light situation on the roads in real-time. This allows cars and public transportation vehicles to adjust their current route at any time.

With the growing demand for digital services within societies, cities all over the world are changing how we live and interact in our environment. This summer, the German IT association Bitkom announced the winner of its “Digital City” competition – and the Hessian city of Darmstadt won it.

Intelligent traffic control, 5G networks, governmental e-services for citizens, smart hospitals and autonomous driving projects will all be implemented in Darmstadt over the next two years. Multimodal e-mobility will be become reality: There will be a free choice between all kinds of public and individual transportation. It will also be possible to save energy, reduce cost and increase reliability by intelligent control of power grid connected devices. Darmstadt has the unique opportunity to implement a data platform that will monitor, control and analyze various processes linked to its administrative duties.

Software AG has been supporting cities in their digital transformation for years such as providing a digital platform for Columbian city Medellin. Darmstadt will receive innovative technology products worth more than €20 million from the sponsors of the competition, including Software AG and the State of Hesse. And its citizens will profit from a range of new digital services, making living in the city easier and more comfortable – and making Darmstadt Digital City a lighthouse project for Europe.

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