SAG_Twitter_MEME_Using_Technology_880x440_May18Recently I had the honor of taking over the co-presidency of the National Academy of Science and Engineering’s (acatech) business branch from Henning Kagermann, former CEO of SAP.

As the voice of the German scientific and technology communities, at home and abroad, for technical sciences, acatech is committed to creating conditions for ideas to become innovations – and innovations to be used to create prosperity, welfare and quality of life.

The academy developed the concept of “Industry 4.0” and, since 2009, acatech has prepared the German government’s innovation dialogue. Chancellor Merkel affirmed that she is willing to continue the successful collaboration between the academy and the German government. In addition, she announced the expansion of the National Electric Mobility Platform into a comprehensive mobility platform.

AcatechAs a working academy, acatech supports policy-makers and society by providing qualified technical evaluations and forward-looking recommendations. It is a flexible working academy, as well as a science and business network. Outstanding scientists are the driving force behind its core work, while experts from industry bring about a transfer of knowledge arising from practical applications in industry. They engage in the core issues of science and technology and in policy questions within a techno-political context.

Much of what acatech developed as a concept has actually been realized at Software AG. Just last year we established a Scientific Advisory Board for the company. The board is to serve as a catalyst for outside ideas and provide Software AG with a scientific perspective on trends in technology. Above all, innovation requires cooperation across company lines and research disciplines. The biggest beneficiaries of this initiative will be our customers, as the scientific research discourse will complement our strategic development and product planning.

My goal with acatech is to emphasize the importance of future-oriented technologies through dialogue. Henning Kagermann positioned Germany in the digital world judiciously and with careful consideration for pragmatic solutions. This will also be my major objective as acatech’s president. I will dedicate myself, together with Prof. Dr. Dieter Spath, co-president representing the scientific side, to promote a climate of innovation in which society shapes technological progress for the benefit of humanity.

Come see us at CEBIT this year to learn more about what Software AG does to innovate on behalf of humanity.

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