SAG_Twitter_MEME_Be_Healthy_880x440_Jan19Technology in healthcare is the next Big Thing, as more and more organizations see the need to shift towards a more proactive approach, rather than just reactive approach, in caring for patients and individuals.

This is according to Dr. Samuel Chong, Acting CEO of Fullerton Systems & Services and Group CTO at Fullerton Health, in an article in FutureIoT. 

Singapore-based managed care provider Fullerton Health is eyeing the next big thing in technology and healthcare to improve care and service for patients. With over 500 healthcare facilities and an extensive network of healthcare providers across eight markets in Asia, it has reason to seek a more proactive approach to healthcare.

With this shift in approach, Chong sees the Internet of Things (IoT) playing an ever more critical role: “IoT will be able to provide key health-related data of an individual in a real-time basis.”

This means that a diagnosis can be reached more accurately and more quickly, while patients will be aware of any sign of clinical risks at an earlier stage of their symptoms. Fullerton Health is focusing on an area of healthcare where patients are required to be monitored or cared for on a constant or daily basis.

“Pairing with IoT providing real-time health information, Fullerton Health aims to provide a holistic program for chronic disease management,” he said.

The company has since been delivering digital innovations through its Fullerton Systems & Services (FSS) Digital Healthcare Platform. Built on Software AG technology, the platform helps support applications in healthcare such as remote monitoring and medical device integration.

Software AG’s partnership with healthcare providers can optimize the full potential of IoT through real-time, secure, digital and connected IoT solutions that help facilitate better patient outcomes and enable real-time collaboration between doctors, clinicians, and patients.

Leveraging Software AG’s Terracotta also provides multiple users real-time access to massive data sets on any vast app ecosystems in healthcare.

We at Software AG are very bullish on the use of IoT in healthcare. Healthcare institutions today are increasingly adopting data-driven IoT applications, as they focus on technology offering diverse remote monitoring, healthcare delivery, and in-home diagnostics capabilities.

Smart healthcare systems incorporate round-the-clock, real-time data streaming, medication reminders, and real-time medical diagnosis, all of which reduce the need for hospital visits. Being healthy in real time, saves money and time!

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