SAG_Twitter_MEME_Accelerate_the_Approvals_Jun17.jpgAs the pace of work speeds up, many day-to-day processes can spin out of control without the proper technology and processes in place for work management.

Just the process of getting approvals and signatures by stakeholders is a major consideration, cutting across virtually every aspect of business. 

Consider that a large portion of the U.S. workforce today rarely sits at a desk, and many office workers worldwide spend a good deal of their time outside of the office. Some people work from home, others work from job sites or customer locations, and still others are constantly traveling.

The pace of work has accelerated meantime, so that employees on a customer’s site might need approvals fast. Whether it’s for product quotes, contracts, or project changes, being able to digitally get approvals quickly also moves the relationship forward rapidly.

For example, approvals are needed for project quotes and proposals, expense approvals, paid time off requests, product releases, financial investments, partner contracts, staff hires including job candidate offer letters, discounting levels for opportunities, payment authorizations, turnaround time approvals for compliance, project readiness, inspection sign-offs, and client approvals.

Imagine how more effective or profitable your business would be if you could speed up the process of all these approvals? Or, conversely, imagine if your competitors could accelerate these approvals while your company lagged?

Many organizations are using manual processes or email to manage work, which can be error prone, time consuming, and inefficient. Today’s business environment demands rapid response. Whether it’s the sales force, customer service representatives, product development personnel, or some other group of workers, sluggish or low-quality work processes can cost companies business.

Enhancing work management should be part of the effort underway at many enterprises to transform into digital businesses that are designed for agility and efficiency not possible with legacy IT solutions. If your business can automate and streamline common tasks and approvals, it can move faster and better serve customers through quicker response—and that’s a real competitive advantage.

Today’s workforce needs applications that can provide access to corporate data and systems so workers can better coordinate tasks, approvals, and processes. Companies need to provide easy-to-use, tailored applications so users can access and work on their tasks across a variety of devices.

Software AG’s Dynamic Apps Platform is this kind of solution; it can significantly improve efficiency, speed up processes, and make life easier for workers, managers, and ultimately, customers.

The Dynamic Apps Platform is a low-code development platform and has flexible rules and ad hoc processes. Even nontechnical users can implement adjustments as needed. Accelerate approvals, smooth out your customer complaint process and get your customers on board fast using Dynamic Apps.


Accelerate your Approvals

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