SAG_Twitter_MEME_Supreet_Sodhi_Feb17.jpgThe word “work” can often carry negative connotations; sitting at your desk for hours on end, fighting with the IT department to get online.

But many companies are taking a more proactive approach to work by making the workplace more stimulating. So it was with Software AG’s new Bengaluru (Bangalore) office.

The old office was too small to accommodate a staff which had grown to almost 600 employees so a move was necessary. During the planning process an idea emerged from a design thinking workshop: collaboration spaces.

Palash Nandi, Consultant in Bengaluru, noted that many big companies are putting a heavy emphasis on open, creative and stimulating collaborative spaces for their employees.  He said: “In this concrete age, as man is often reduced to a cog in the massive wheels of economic and industrial engines, so the need for relaxation and collaboration is much more valuable than ever.”

As any Software AG Bengaluru employee can attest, the new office in the Embassy Tech Village now comes with ample collaborative spaces. Not only are the spaces diverse and colorful, they are also adorned with creative seating arrangements, fish tanks and some have breathtaking window views. Nothing is more conducive to creative discussion than the right mix of color, space and view of fresh vegetation, added Nandi.

The biggest advantage of collaborative spaces is that they cut through hierarchy and encourage discussion across teams in a calm and encouraging environment over coffee, tea or your favorite beverage.

“We thank the management for taking a right step towards making the working environment better and more creative and expect many more steps in this positive direction,” Pandi said.

Anish Velayudhan Kutty, User Experience Designer, agreed with Nandi:  “We strongly believe that teams need to be able to ideate in an environment beyond a conference room. There need to be spaces that can act as catalysts for the great ideas that come from our members.”

With this philosophy in mind, Software AG commissioned a workspace with openness and fluidity, where all of our teams can interact, collaborate and innovate.

Bhaskar Narendrababu, Senior Consultant is thrilled: “The office reflects an excellent work culture in a great ambience where supportive colleagues come along to share knowledge and provide necessary help at critical moments. Put together, the work, learning and fun make Software AG a very special experience.”

Dr. Wolfram Jost officially opened the new office in Bengaluru, which offers room for up to 750 people, on May 18, 2016.

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