SAG_Twitter_MEME_SanjayBlog_SoftwareAG_Cloud_880x440_Dec18Today’s organizations are connecting their digital and physical worlds to create seamless experiences and unlock business potential.

This demands next generation apps. The kinds that are available in the cloud and don’t compromise existing on-premises infrastructure.

That’s exactly why we’ve unveiled our next generation Software AG Cloud; an open, enterprise-grade cloud platform for building, testing, and deployment.  It can basically manage everything from simple apps to complex, cloud-enabled enterprise and IoT applications.

Software AG Cloud is a flexible one-stop shop for “all things cloud” and provides customers and partners with subscription-based access to Software AG’s top-ranked enterprise applications and middleware technology.

It’s also scalable allowing enterprises to easily move, connect and build out across multi-cloud products. They can also take advantage of our growing ecosystem of software and services, while enjoying the same, consistent experience.

This is a truly multi-cloud platform that supports different infrastructure providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and others. It also gives you the best industry standards supporting LDAP integration, SSO, ISO 27001, SOC II and provides a trust site.

Learn more on Software AG Cloud at:

Software AG Cloud

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