SAG_Twitter_Bg_new_home_May17.jpgYou have certainly heard the real estate mantra “location, location, location.”

In a nutshell, this means that identical homes can increase or decrease in value due to their location. It is the same for businesses; the office space itself is important of course, but the building and neighborhood your office is in can convey a powerful message about your company.

So, selecting the right location is key. You need to ask yourself questions like: “Which neighborhood reinforces my company’s values? Which one houses like-minded businesses?”

Where are your team’s professional development and individual growth opportunities best served? The ease with which they can attend relevant events or take classes after work is also significant.

Equally important are practical questions regarding transportation possibilities, adequate parking space, or convenient places for lunch. They could play big role in whether your people are happy with the new office (and employee happiness is kind of a big deal).

So after several months of research and preparation, we finally found it. It was love at first sight – the Walltopia Collider Activity Center. It was the perfect cultural fit: an innovative and modern building, the only one of its kind in the country, just a mile away from our old office. It was situated in the new, first-of-its-kind Sofia Tech Park, where the most innovative and like-minded businesses and people were destined to meet. Our neighbors are the leading companies in their field. 

But why is it called an “activity center” you might wonder. That is because there are plenty of possibilities for different activities – from running in the park to drinking coffee on the green roof, tackling 20 meter climbing walls or attending world class events just few meters away. NewOffice_climbing_walls_meeting_rooms_outside (2).jpgOur new home offers more space for further growth and fosters an atmosphere of innovation, independence and trust. 

Moving to a new office location is risky but, if done correctly, it can promote company growth and increased visibility. And this can bring many positive benefits with it – a bigger and better space, increased employee morale, reinvigorated performance, enhanced reputation and a positive change in the way the company is perceived.

We believe we did a great job of keeping employees informed - and in managing any delays and hiccups - and are very happy to now be part of such a great community (we are on 1st floor + part of 3rd floor).

While our doors have been open for a while, we will officially celebrate the opening of our brand new office on JUNE 22. You are welcome.

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