SAG_Twitter_MEME_webMethods_Sneak_Preview_880x440_Sep18Grab your popcorn and take a seat! webMethods is about to unveil some amazing new features at Software AG’s 2018 Product Release Virtual Conference on October 9-11th.

Here is a sneak preview of what’s new in the webMethods product portfolio, but be sure and register to hear even more about of our newest product features now and in the future. 

WEBMETHODS API MANAGEMENT: This platform allows the developer community to find, learn about, discuss and test APIs via the API Portal and to securely expose APIs to third-party developers, partners and other consumers for use in web, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) applications via the API Gateway.

The latest release offers the following new capabilities:

  • A new microgateway for managing access to APIs exposed by microservices
  • API mashups for lightweight API compositions and chaining within API Gateway
  • Event-enabled APIs with JMS & AMQP support
  • Transaction-based licensing across multiple API Gateway nodes
  • Hot deployment of APIs
  • OpenAPI v3 support
  • Developer onboarding and improved developer experience in API Portal
  • Default UI theme enhancements for API Portal

WEBMETHODS HYBRID INTEGRATION: webMethods Hybrid Integration is a proven software and cloud offering that enables enterprises to rapidly integrate SaaS & on-premises applications, systems, devices, processes, business partners, and data to provide new business value.

The latest release offers the following new capabilities:

  • Cloud deployment with CI/CD (develop on Designer and deploy to the cloud)
  • Cloud migration (migrate from on-premises integration server directly to integration cloud)
  • New B2B-as-a-Service (trading networks & EDI in the cloud)
  • Microservices, Kubernetes and REST/JSON enhancements
  • New connectors and IIoT adapters
  • Agent driven transfers & new ActiveTransfer UI
  • Unified monitoring of B2B and API traffic
  • Data steward UI enhancements for MDM

WEBMETHODS DYNAMIC APPS: The single platform for building dynamic process, task, case, rules and UI centric applications, integrated with RPA for work automation, injected with closed loop analytics and built on top of the webMethods market leading integration platform. 

The latest release offers the following new capabilities:

  • Web-based Designer for process, task, case and UI app development
  • Architectural rationalization with a single compute node
  • DBO process to case integration for exception management
  • New AgileApps runtime web UI
  • Sites enhancements and Gadget support using Angular 5
  • New hybrid mobile app for Dynamic Apps
  • New Optimize for Infrastructure KPIs for IS monitoring

The 2018 Product Release Virtual Conference showcases our newest product features, offerings and technologies all designed to make your workday easier.

See presentations from our new CEO, Sanjay Brahmawar, and Dr. Wolfram Jost, CTO of Software AG to better understand our vision, strategy and product roadmaps.

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