SAG_MEME_Twitter_Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner_880x440_May19It comes as no surprise that Gardner Denver’s Smart Compressor Monitoring Service, iConn, is up for the Technical Innovation of the Year award from Motion Control

While the Motion Control winners have not yet been announced, we are certain that iConn’s users are already winners. iConn provides multiple levels of choice in service - from the ability to view and analyze key operating data generated from a Gardner Denver compressor to the ability to provide predictive maintenance solutions that enable innovative outcomes, such as the ability to offer compressed air as a service. 

What is surprising is that Gardner Denver was able to bring the first version of iConn to market in just six weeks - and it has continually increased the functional capabilities of the platform.

This has brought significant benefit to Gardner Denver, its compressor clients and its distribution partners - because iConn is a true multi-tenant solution.  This means that Gardner Denver creates secure tenants that are specific to each distributor partner and each tenant is secure and only accessible by that distributor partner. 

It gives flexibility to the go-to-market strategy that Gardner Denver wants to employ, direct to customers or enabling distributors on the company’s behalf.  Additionally, iConn is able to connect to open API’s such as GE, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft so that enterprise data such as service and specific customer contractual requirements can provide critical context to needed actions. 

At the heart of iConn is Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT platform.  This innovative platform gives the ability to quickly and securely connect to devices, has condition based, multivariate and predictive analytics and leverages Software AG’s industry leading connectivity technology. 

While it might be premature to congratulate Gardner Denver on its win, the real winners are its customers who are able to reap the benefits of iConn.

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