SAG_Twitter_MEME_Powerpoint_880x440_Nov18During a presentation, does the following scenario sound familiar…sudden tiredness, lack of concentration, heavy eyelids? I can already imagine you all nodding your heads.

The reasons for this state of mind are meetings, online training or classroom courses that feel like they last for hours. They tend to be using one common method: PowerPoint, PowerPoint and even more PowerPoint with slides that are covered in endless words and with speakers who talk about the overloaded slides in a monotonous tone of voice.

Anyone who now thinks that this is just every day office life and cannot be changed is mistaken. Rescue is at hand!

Software AG is breaking new ground in training and employer branding by launching its very own SoftwareAG.TV, an idea and program that was designed by the employees themselves to revolutionize the company’s internal and external communication.

Matthias Hippler, Portfolio Manager ARIS and Principal Instructor, was the initiator of this idea and he realized that e-learnings have become increasingly more important -  as well as short tutorials and training sessions lasting several days. Instead of presenting slides and talking at the participants, he wanted to make a change by delivering valuable and equally entertaining online training. Watching various documentaries on  TV, it was clear to him that training and entertainment can indeed go hand-in hand, all the while spreading information in such a way that it stays in one’s memory.

Admittedly, the idea of working with moving images to get messages across is not entirely new. But in times of digitalization it has become an important marketing tool in many different areas - especially in our company.

From an HR perspective, we know that images are extremely important in order to increase brand awareness. Our "Faces" campaign, for instance, for which employees photograph employees, is already successful on the social media front. However, moving pictures work even better, which is why having our own studio offers us completely new opportunities for our talent marketing activities and as such makes us more visible to our future talents out there.

We believe that this form of external presentation is enormously important for us. It is difficult to explain what we do to outsiders and moving images help us to communicate more clearly. In addition to all our other assets, the new SoftwareAG.TV Studio can be used as our new business card for external and internal customers – a win-win situation for all!

The best thing is, we are not alone. Good news travels fast - with studios in Berlin and in Reston/USA as well, we are happy that other colleagues have also caught up on the trend. Our Reston office, for instance, uses its TV set-up for quick turnaround of video needs to increase the amount of content to be shared across all global channels, while also providing on–the-ground coverage of numerous conferences across the US. tv1

According to the approach "think global - act local," our plan is to include similar initiatives in other locations worldwide next year.

With SoftwareAG.TV we aim to close the communication gap between typical PowerPoint presentations and professional agency productions. Now we can deliver quick results to our employees and customers at minimal cost that are close to an agency's performance. This means that even departments that would otherwise have relied less on video and moving images in the past will now be able to benefit from this new initiative.

So, welcome to SoftwareAG.TV - PowerPoint is not dead, it is just getting some serious competition!

Interested in becoming a Software AG movie star? Join our Software AG family and visit our Software AG.TV studio today.

For further information please contact Matthias Hippler or Elisabeth Wild

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