SAG_Twitter_MEME_The_Robots_880x440_Oct17_draft1.jpgThere is a lot of buzz around robotic process automation (RPA) software that replicates the actions of a human using a computerized system.

RPA offers a new “workforce” of software robots to help you automate repetitive manual tasks and processes. Across every company there are processes that rely on people to move data between back end systems to complete common tasks - like onboarding a new customer or completing a customer service request.

Instead of having people doing the repetitive, mundane and brain numbing high volume cut-copy-paste data moving tasks - robots will happily do this work and much more. RPA is easy to implement; there is no need for deeper integration or change of underlying processes and it requires a relatively low up-front investment.

RPA can work in different modes. Robots can assist users to complete a specific task automatically for them, or guide them through the required steps that need to be done. Or they can work in unattended mode without any user involvement or interaction.  In addition to all manner of process automation delivered by Software AG, we are now offering customers a hybrid end-to-end human/virtual solution.

Our Digital Business Platform pairs webMethods Dynamic Apps with Robotic Process Automation to enable process automation from RPA to IoT and back end systems. It adds predictive models and rules to enable intelligent decisions; users can model, deploy and execute to show value early and often.

Join us in in a webinar to learn about Software AG‘s RPA offering, where you will learn:

  • How to set up and manage a virtual workforce
  • How you can create automation processes without programming skills
  • How RPA pairs with webMethods Dynamic Apps to your advantage

Join us and see how easy it is to create and run robots that will help your organization to create efficiencies, accelerate work, reduce errors and improve the morale of people doing tasks who desperately need some automation help.

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