SAG_Twitter_MEME_Lift-&-Shift_880x440_Aug19More and more organizations are considering “lifting and shifting” – or rehosting - their mainframe applications and data onto Linux, containers and the cloud.

Their reasons vary from avoiding vendor dependency, saving IT costs - freeing up the budget for innovation - to consolidating IT platforms, getting ready for the cloud, or addressing retirement risks.

One of the many benefits gained from rehosting is modernizing IT infrastructure through standardizing all applications on Linux and enabling virtualization, containerization, and multi-cloud support.

In a webcast, Adabas & Natural experts Zvonimir Ivanetic and Juergen Lind home in how to save costs and move to modern IT platforms through rehosting, Adabas & Natural in the cloud & containers, as well as Adabas Review & Adabas Manager discussions.

Some key highlights:

    • If your company has a container strategy, Adabas & Natural is ready to go
    • If you plan to move workload to the cloud, your Adabas & Natural applications can be part of the journey
    • Containers are not a prerequisite to move to the cloud: If you just want to move your workload into the cloud you can start today with any cloud provider virtualization technology.
    • To pull these processes together you can use Adabas Review, for database performance monitoring and diagnose, and Adabas Manager LUW, which is an administration tool for Adabas on Linux, UNIX, Windows and container platforms.

You’ve all heard of our Adabas & Natural 2050+ Initiative? Whether you’re looking to reduce costs on or off the mainframe, to better control your APIs, to modernize your IT infrastructure strategies, or to manage the generational change, this initiative is for you.

Through our proven rehosting methodology and project approach of “Discover, Deliver, Go-Live,” Software AG has 100+ successful rehosting projects in every industry you can think of, and - even more noteworthy - with not a single project failure.

Want to get the full scoop? Check out the entire Webinar below to get the full update on everything Adabas & Natural in the Linux Windows world today.

Watch the webinar

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