SAG_Twitter_Digital_Twins_May18Imagine a world in which your twin  drives your car for you. It is coming your way sooner than you think: The autonomous car is actually here and manufacturers are currently working out the bugs.

Self-driving cars are capable of sensing their environment and navigating without human input.  These cars are combining a variety of techniques to perceive their surroundings, including radar, GPS, odometer readings and computer vision. What makes them so powerful is that they are able to interpret this information, thanks to their advanced control systems. The benefits can be enormous for mobility, safety and traffic.

So what about doing the same for your business? Let the advanced control system analyze all available and relevant information and update you on what’s going on and which decisions to go for!

Impossible? No! That’s exactly the path forward with enterprise digital twins. And here too the benefits are tremendous! It’s your path to excellence and excellent quality management. As it goes for cars, quality management is highly relevant  in many industries, it plays a key role in ensuring products and services are consistent and ready for market.

Putting your quality management digital twin in the driver’s seat will:

  • Support the design of best-in-class processes
  • Make information available exactly where it’s needed
  • Analyze available information and identify business actions
  • Manage efficiently and continuously improve
  • Simulate scenarios and support decision making

Your quality management digital twin, built on ARIS, consolidates your different quality management systems (QMS) into one standardized system available to all employees and auditors worldwide. This lets you establish a global, enterprise-wide standard for QMS to ensure everyone is working from the same source.

To be able to take the right decisions at the right time, you need a common digital platform (advanced control system) that helps you share and collaborate on business processes, documents and systems.

It is standardized and provides the ideal information for everyone in your organization so your team can perform their daily jobs (drive the business). Employees from the shop floor and business departments are always aware of the latest updates in policies and procedures thanks to simplified access to information, such as a certain policy or when you join a collaboration stream on a subject that involves many different people.

The quality management digital twin in ARIS offers a simple, rule-based and user-friendly way to explore and collaborate on all types of business-critical information (surroundings perception). It makes it easy to make change requests and manage feedback to drive continuous improvement. Dashboards will help business process owners compare internal KPIs against the industry benchmark or previous financial quarters or compare different scenarios to take the right decision in full consciousness of all impacts and benefits of the different scenarios.

In short a quality management digital twin with ARIS is like having a twin driving your business for you, or at least supporting you to drive your business. Your driving quality twin helps you to achieve quality excellence, improve customer satisfaction and enable strategic transformation with little duplicated effort.

Get more insights on how to build your quality digital twin below. 

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