SAG_MEME_Twitter_Unleash the power of IoT_Jul19There are countless ways Adabas & Natural can and should be a core part of your digital transformation initiatives. I recently wrote about how to maximize the value of your Adabas & Natural data.
Today I’m going to focus on another driver for digital innovation: How you can integrate the Internet of Things with Adabas & Natural applications. It’s a fast, effective and reliable way to add business-critical enterprise data to the information your valuable physical assets are generating every minute.

You may already be exploring ways that your physical assets – infrastructure, vehicles, products, tools, machines – can be combined with data from sensors, mobile devices and other digital platforms to generate new insights. The IoT is now a major factor in staying competitive in manufacturing, logistics, retail, and utilities. It enables digital business models such as smart cities, asset tracking, predictive maintenance, supply chain visibility and asset-as-a-service. It’s on track to generate €250 billion of B2B spending in 2020.

How does Adabas & Natural fit in? All the data your assets and sensors generate only has value as it relates to your enterprise, making it imperative that you integrate IoT data with the business-critical data managed by your Adabas & Natural core applications.

There’s no one-size-fits-all IoT solution, so any approach will have to address your specific business needs, IoT landscape and enterprise applications. But one thing is common: If your valuable business assets such as customers, inventory, and financials are managed in Adabas & Natural applications, combining them with relevant IoT data will deliver higher quality, higher value business insights.

One of the benefits of IoT data is in creating real-time insights. We make it easy to combine IoT data streams with Adabas data streams for real-time analytics that help you make informed business decisions fast.

We also make integration easy - just connect IoT platforms with Adabas & Natural applications running on mainframe, Linux, UNIX, Windows or container platforms using standard interfaces such as RESTful APIs or SQL. This connectivity ranges from simple data access to calling business transactions or even triggering real-time events. IoT developers never have to see the complexity of Adabas & Natural or COBOL mainframe applications to take advantage of the data.

Our multiple approaches to data integration enable you to automate your business processes end-to-end, from edge computing to backend applications, without manual intervention. As you grow, Adabas & Natural applications can grow and scale with your IoT business efficiently on the mainframe or on container/cloud platforms of your choice.

Integrating Adabas & Natural with IoT is one of the many capabilities we’re creating as part of our Adabas & Natural 2050+ initiative to bring your trusted, high-performing applications into the digital world.

Click below to take a closer look at how Adabas & Natural can add value to your IoT strategy - and continue to be a foundation for your competitive advantage.

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