SAG_Twitter_MEME_Powered-by-what_880x440_Jun18Why would the undisputed leader in retail supply chain choose to partner with Software AG?  Well, like most of the customers I speak to, it boils down to three things: being connected, trusted and independent.

When it comes to retail supply chain software there are few companies more highly trusted than Manhattan Associates.  What is not often realized is that Software AG is proud to play a key part of the company’s overall solution. 

When customers choose Manhattan’s solutions, the Manhattan team recommends the “Manhattan Integration Framework” – or MIF.  This is used to link together different parts of Manhattan’s solutions, and also to connect products to other systems within the customer’s ecosystem.  (The image above is two of my colleagues representing Software AG at the Manhattan Momentum conference in Florida during May.)

Manhattan is not an integration company; it sticks to what it knows best - building technology solutions that solve the most complex business problems in supply chain, inventory and now omni-channel.  So the magic behind MIF is Software AG’s webMethods integration technology. 

This kind of “OEM” relationship between software companies is not uncommon. So why might a company like Manhattan Associates choose to OEM Software AG’s technologies?  Well for Manhattan, like other OEM partners and many customers, it boils down to the power of three things – we are connected, trusted and independent.

These guiding principles of our organization are the focus of everything we do – but what do they mean for our customers and partners alike?

  1. Connected

Connecting your business enables you to extend your business.  Retailers have utilized this via things like enhanced customer offerings - such as same day delivery.  We are obsessed with connections and we drink our own champagne - with over 380 different partner organizations including system integrators, OEM’s like Manhattan Associates and others – all focused on customer success.  This connectivity and ability to connect enables us to drive Digital Transformation by being at the heart of new business models and new market approaches. These include Octo Telematics’ groundbreaking automotive insurance solution and Lyreco’s IoT-powered automated replenishment solution.  These are connections that literally change our world.

  1. Trusted

Trust is the only resource that increases with use. Established for more than 45 years, Software AG is big enough to be capable and small enough to care. We are continually named as a best-in-class leader by major industry analysts.  This explains why 50% of Fortune 100 companies are Software AG customers.  In retail, we can claim 30 global retailers with revenues greater than $10Bn which rely on Software AG every day.  And as retail is transforming with new market entrants and ways to shop, where Google is often the first step in the customer journey, Software AG is proud to be trusted by Google as our customer. To quote Eric Duffaut, Software AG’s Chief Customer Officer “If Google needs Software AG, there isn’t a company in the world that doesn’t need Software AG.”

  1. Independent

Software AG’s products give you the freedom to choose.  There is no such thing as a homogenous IT environment – and to avoid stifling innovation there never should be.  The Digital Business Platform is completely agnostic of any other technology allowing customers to avoid any form of vendor lock-in.  Software AG’s ownership structure makes it very difficult for the company to be acquired.  While customers value this tremendously, when it comes to OEM partners this is particularly compelling.  Many times in my career I have heard both technology companies and their customers ask “what now?” when a key part of the chosen technology stack was acquired by a rival vendor. 

In our business, being connected is imperative, being trusted is important, but the one I am most passionate about is being independent. This is the power of three.

To find out more of how Software AG is changing the world through the power of three click below.

The Power of Three

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