Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

New Business for the Digital Age

CEBIT, the world’s biggest IT exhibition, is all about shining a spotlight on digitalization.

Put your Digital Twin in the Driver’s Seat

Imagine a world in which your twin  drives your car for you. It is coming your way sooner than you think: The autonomous car...

POST Luxembourg puts the Smart into City

Mail and telecommunications company POST Luxembourg is putting the “smart” into “smart city” with an ambitious rollout of...

IoT, SCADA and Asset Optimization
IoT systems on top of SCADA technology will surely become a significant component in asset optimization for the oil and gas...
Technological Progress for the Benefit of Humanity

Recently I had the honor of taking over the co-presidency of the National Academy of Science and Engineering’s (acatech)...

Geeks Make the Difference

Today is Geek Pride Day, a day to celebrate people who love mathematics and computers - and Star Wars films.

Let’s Talk About OPEX

Who doesn’t want to drive down costs while improving the customer experience and keeping employees happy? That is what...

Take SCADA to the Next Level with IoT

The Internet of Things is set to revolutionize the pursuit of operational excellence in the oil and gas industries, and...

Avoiding GDPR’s ‘Opt-In’ Redundancy

We’re down to dotting of the i’s and crossing the t's for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

ROI: Prove it or Lose it

How do you digitalize your business and make it pay for itself (quickly)? That is the 1.3 trillion-dollar question.

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