Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

B2B Integration: How to quickly onboard a burger

Picture an imaginary (but likely) Fortune 500, fast-food organization with over 500 locations and franchises in North...

See the Future of Adabas & Natural

2019 is an exciting year for Software AG as we celebrate the company’s 50th birthday. It’s also exciting because we’re...

Integration Lets your True Colors Shine Through

Fall is my favorite season. As the leaves change color, it is time for you to warm up with a cup of pumpkin spice latte and...

Get into the Analytics Cockpit

Move over data scientists, business users want to get into the “production cockpit” and pilot their own analytics projects.

Avoiding risk in your business

Your business model is up and running and all your stakeholders know what to do – you have defined your strategies and the...

Develop and Deploy Your Apps Faster

The recent growth of DevOps is one of the biggest trends in how companies design, develop and produce new applications.

Accelerate the Speed of B2B Integration

Even in the dark and geeky recesses of R&D, or in the hearts of the pridefully technical product managers, deep down they...

The Hard Truth about Digital Transformation

Proactive transformation is a mammoth effort; it strains so many aspects of a city or society - or a company.

Telematics Solution Keeps Track of Rail Freight

There is a certain romance attached to trains chugging along the railroad tracks, taking exotic goods to far-flung areas.

Join us! UK Innovation Tour 2019

Speed, focus and scalability – delivered with the freedom to integrate and innovate anything, anywhere, any way you choose....

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