Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Find Inspiration at our North American User Group

Come to be inspired, get educated (with certification!) and have some hands-on fun with our products in San Francisco on...

Quality Service does not Happen by Accident

On our recent RV vacation through New Mexico and Texas, my husband and I spent most nights at the campgrounds offered by the...

Three Reasons APIs are critical to oil & gas

Historically, in the oil and gas industry, when one came across an “API”, either someone was referencing the geographical...

Retailers have to Shape up - or Ship Out

“Excess inventory will kill a business. It doesn’t just cost money; it hides real problems that are lurking in the shadows...

Examine your iPaaS Provider with this Checklist

Data is the new value-creator in countless organizations.  In fact, it’s the competitive edge being used by industry leaders...

Celebrating 50 Years Bold!

I am proud to be a part of the Software AG family to celebrate this incredible milestone.

Join us and Learn to Build an MVP in Minutes

Your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) could be your Most Valuable Player!

Software AG: Surfing the California Waves at 50

Software AG is on the crest of a wave yet again. It is fitting that on its 50th anniversary the company is on the cusp of a...

What does Freedom as a Service mean for Enterprise Management?

At Software AG, we define freedom in terms of our customers. So what does “Freedom as a Service”’ mean for ARIS customers?

Retail Ecosystems Require Cooperation… and APIs

A retail ecosystem exists when companies work together to satisfy the needs of consumers. 

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