Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Proud to be Part of Software AG’s Future
This week I embark on an exciting new chapter in my life, and the beginning of the next chapter in Software AG’s history. I...
Five Ways to Modernize Your Supply Chain

Too many business people wake up each day worrying about the future of their company’s supply chain.

In Times of Change, Agility Counts

A lack of agility in your integration strategies will impact whether your company wins or loses market share. Like a juggler...

In Retail, Good Equals Innovation

What does “good” look like in retail? I feel it is the ability to innovate and adapt - and provide innovative new...

In Transportation, Good Equals Success

What does “good” mean in the transportation industry? It means success. And success is defined by how you drive incremental...

Energy Companies: Leverage Data to Win

Too many energy companies seem to be lagging in their digital transformation efforts. They may be complacently relying on...

To Buy or to Build, That is the IoT Question

In an ideal world, when you want something to be exactly as you like it you would go out and build it. After all, who knows...

How Not to Lose Customer Confidence

Imagine you are traveling in Europe and want to use your credit card to pay for a big hotel bill.

A Digital Twin helps to Reduce Risk

Do you remember the movie Twister from 1996? In this epic disaster adventure some crazy storm chasers are hunting...

Retail CX: Battleground for the Future

The retail industry is at the highest risk of being disrupted by new market entrants, with customer experience (CX) being...

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