Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Big Tech Storm Coming for Banking Industry

Financial services institutions need to reinvent themselves by opening up to the broader digital consumer economy - before a...

Have Retailers Lost the Knack for Innovation?

Historically the retail industry has been excellent at innovation; but you might argue that some have lost the knack.

ADAMOS: Taking the IIoT into New Dimensions

ADAMOS, a new strategic alliance for machine and plant engineering, is going to take the Industrial Internet of Things...

The IoT is Here; What  are you Waiting for?

As the Isley Brothers once sang: “It's your thing, do what you wanna do.”

Getting Predictive Maintenance Right

It is easy to say what predictive maintenance is – fixing something before it breaks – but it is much harder to say how it...

What the Greeks knew about GDPR

My colleague in the next office has a sticky note on her monitor which reads “Nothing is more permanent than a temporary...

How Digitalization is Changing Customer Behavior

In this blog, I interview Steffen Kramer, B2B Industry Manager for Google Germany. Steffen is a keynote speaker for Software...

Banks Shed IT Complexity to Soar

Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, banks that learn to shed the complexity of maintaining legacy systems can...

How do you Disrupt Retail? Solve a Problem!

Digital disruptors have one thing in common; they solve a problem with the customer experience.

The phrase digital...

GDPR: Demonstrate Accountability in Processing

Organizations will have to be as prepared as Boy Scouts in order to demonstrate they are reviewing all of their business...

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