Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Digital + Water = Operational Transformation

Water management may not be one of your typical “top ten” conservation topics around the dinner table, but it should be. 

What does Freedom as a Service Mean for IoT?

Software AG’s new tag line “Freedom as a Service” means delivering technology that is open, self-service and agnostic of...

Self-service Analytics for Time-series Data

Putting analytics into the hands of the many can give your organization a competitive edge. How?

Learn How to Make Change Happen

Processes are the heart of your business and you cannot ignore them if you want to be successful in your daily work.

IoT: The New Frontier for Edge Analytics

Today, on IoT Day, the Internet of Things is at an inflection point; data being collected from devices and sensors is vast,...

Discover how to Unlock Data Silos with APIs

Your organization is probably swimming in data - and that data has value.

What does Freedom as a Service mean to Integration?

Software AG’s new tag line “Freedom as a Service” is all about making integration widespread in your organization, while...

APIs Might be Hot, but Microservices are Cool!

We know API adoption is red hot. In fact, APIs actually have their own, beautifully produced television commercials.

Put Streaming Analytics into Domain Experts’ Hands

With the proliferation of the Internet of Things, there is increasing demand for streaming analytics to improve the...

How Superheroes Personify Retail

I watched The Incredibles movie with my son at the weekend, and was reminded of a powerful session I saw at the Gartner...

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