Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Bring your IoT Vision to Life

There are more “things” than ever to connect out there—sensors and devices that probably provide the best data you’ve ever...

IoT Habit #5: Become Future-proof

Future-proofing by architecting for the unknown is a lot easier said than done. Of all the habits I have explained so far,...

How Process Mining Makes Digitalization Work

Most business owners are going through digital transformation initiatives these days. They know it is necessary, but they...

What does Freedom as a Service Mean for Financial Services?

At Software AG, we define freedom in terms of our customers. So, what does “Freedom as a Service”’ mean for banking... Greater than the sum of its Parts

Integration, if done correctly, creates something much greater than the sum of its parts. From app to edge, integration...

Yes, Integrate! But Pick the Right Architecture

Maybe not everyone in IT has noticed, but we reached the stage long ago where the very first conversation is no longer about...

IoT offers Retail Stores a Lifeline

Recently, Britain's high streets suffered their significantly as sales plunged by 2.7 per cent compared with last year,...

How to Build an Enterprise Management System

Would you like the opportunity to take control of your ever-changing business? Here is your chance to learn how.

Maximizing the Value of Adabas & Natural Data

Any business looking to better connect with its customers has to be able to turn data into usable and actionable...

Build, Test, Run Microservices Integration

Everyone likes a free trial, especially when it involves something you can actually use to do something really useful.

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