Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Tech Innovation Needs Dreamers, Realists and Spoilers

What does IT portfolio management have in common with Walt Disney?

The Next Generation of Adabas & Natural Experts

Like relay runners passing the baton, Software AG wants to ensure that we inspire and train the next generations of Adabas &...

Can MFT Compete with B2B Integration?

On a good day, Managed File Transfer (MFT) might give leading B2B solutions a three-minute mile run for their money.

Three Things Retailers Need from Technology

Retailers are looking for gold, trying to implement technology that can create new profits and achieve operational...

Run For Your Lives – The Robots are Coming!

The media is full of articles today about the possible negative effects of machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI)...

Cumulocity Connects IoT

No one can fail to have missed how important the Internet of Things is becoming.

Opening the Door to DevOps Monitoring

As more companies adopt DevOps, they find they need a monitoring strategy to help prevent costly business disruptions.

IoT: Learning to Play Well with Other Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) can sometimes seem like managing a playground full of unruly children.

The Zen-like Nature of B2B Integration

It is seldom that the words “Zen” and “integration” are used together but, as the B2B integration industry evolves,...

GDPR is Not Just a Technology Issue

There is a tendency to think that data privacy or GDPR compliance is mainly an IT problem, but those that think this way may...

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