Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

IoT Prepares to Enter the Human Body

This year we will see more and more experiments where Internet of Things devices enter the human body for diagnosis and for...

Stores Geek Up for Customers, Efficiencies

Sexy new technologies will engage customers to drive a differentiated shopping experience as well as drive new operational...

Changing the (Business) Rules

 Every organization is an evolutionary system, constantly adapting to its environment. 

Seismic Shifts Predicted for Banking in 2017

There will be some seismic shifts in the banking industry in 2017, as threats and opportunities from digital banks, fintechs...

Bringing Hybrid Integration to a Cloud near You

Many companies have realized that not everything belongs in the cloud. For reasons such as data privacy, performance, etc....

Brush Your Teeth: The Dentist is Watching

Brushing your teeth with a toothbrush that sends data to your dentist might sound a little farfetched.

Commerzbank AG Banks on Digital Transformation

Banks are joining the digital revolution. Whereas two years ago McKinsey noted that retail banks had digitized only 20 to 40...

Retailers Will Find More Inventory in Real Time

Real-time inventory will be a reality this year once retailers realize that a rip-and-replace program for core systems is...

India: From Demonetization to Digitalization

As India moves to curb its cash-driven economy, will it pave the way toward a more digital economy?

A Plug & Play Digital Business Model

Using the Internet of Things (IoT) opens up a multitude of new business opportunities, limited only by your imagination.

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