Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Banking: Mixing it up in 2017

This year we are going to see the wave of reconfiguration that has taken over capital markets  move into another corner of...

In a Free Economy the Best Technology Wins

A colleague snapped an advertisementat a station in the London Underground recently and I started thinking.

More Data, Better Analysis, Better Conclusions

How can digital businesses move from “gut feelings” to fact-based decision making?

Software AG: Combining Work & Fun

The word “work” can often carry negative connotations; sitting at your desk for hours on end, fighting with the IT...

Houston, We are Not Aware of a Problem

To make robo-advisory work in your firm you need a digital culture, not a digital makeover.

Why Banks are Keeping Fintech Enemies Close

Banks facing disruption from fintechs are taking the strategic decision to keep these digital enemies close, even so close...

Microservices Enter Integration Mainstream

Microservices is about to become an important part of every integration toolkit. 

How to Anticipate and Fulfil Customer Needs

Imagine a credit card customer call center representative knowing what your problem is before you tell her.

CeBIT 2017: Unleash Your Vision for Digital Transformation

I have been the CEO of Software AG for almost 14 years and in that time I have seen many changes in the world of IT.

Integration 2017: Specialists Not Required

Integration is becoming a pervasive problem across businesses, with ad hoc and non-technical developers — as well as...

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