Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

Making short work of building maintenance

Managing a building is a complicated endeavor - managing lots of buildings is even harder.

LANXESS Delivers Beyond Expectation

The specialty chemicals industry focuses on making small batches of high margin products to meet very specific customer...

Utilities: Sparking Change in 2020

Utilities are the backbone of modern life. Whether it is turning on lights when you flip a switch or getting water when you...

CSP Reinvention Proves Tricky

The Internet of Things has been thrown into focus for communications service providers (CSPs), thanks to the relentless rise...

Retailers and the Rule of Three

You all know this phrase: “Friends, Romans, Countrymen…” Or this one: “Location, location, location.”

Energy 2020:  Efficient, Visible, Sustainable

Love it or hate it, the oil and gas industry still provides most of the fuel for industrial and consumer usage.

Financial Services 2020: This Time it’s Different

Fear and uncertainty in markets plus giant leaps in technological advances mean that 2020 will look very different for...

Why Embedded Integration is the Future

As we said in our 2020 predictions, apps will have integration embedded under the covers and not added as an afterthought....

How to Avoid a Supernova of IT Costs

A supernova of increasing IT costs threatens to collapse into a black hole of diminishing business value.

5G, new Business Models Transform Telcos

Almost everyone is a user of communications. Whether it is a mobile phone, a fixed broadband service, radio or cable TV, you...

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