Beyond B2B: A Digital Reality Check

See What Intelligent Connectivity Really Means

Intelligent, smart, brainy: These are terms that no longer relate only to humans, but today also to phones, cities, cars,...

Software AG’s Capital Market Day 2019

A mentor of mine in the technology industry once said: “In a software company, you either build products or sell them.”

Integration is more than Connecting Apps

There are literally millions of apps in the world; for a start, mobile phone apps alone number over 2.0 million.

US Online Grocery Market Expected to Boom

Ordering groceries online for home delivery is not the first thing that springs to shoppers’ minds in the US.

Will IoT Ever Grow up?

Despite the fact that Internet of Things technology has been absorbed into many aspects of our lives – from smart meters to...

Get Your Free EPC Cheat Sheet Here!

If there is just ONE single thing ARIS is famous for, it's EPC - event-driven process chain. EPC is one of the central...

Helix – a New Pathway for Software AG

Today is a busy and exciting day for Software AG. It’s Q4 and FY 2018 Earnings Day for us – and ordinarily that means a...

Taking a Proactive Approach to Healthcare

Technology in healthcare is the next Big Thing, as more and more organizations see the need to shift towards a more...

How Kiabi Cleared its Digital Transformation Path

Fashion business Kiabi is not dissimilar to many retailers in facing myriad challenges, but through its digital...

In 2019, Manufacturing gets Smarter

Manufacturing predictions for 2019 will focus on Internet of Things adoption across the industry, and banks will begin to...

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